Global warming has not ‘paused’

Global warming has not “paused.”

Despite regular reports in the press about how global warming has slowed down or stopped for years now, that is not the case.

As researcher Kevin E. Trenberth and John T. Fasullo note in their Dec. 2013 article in the journal “Earth’s Future,” “An apparent hiatus in global warming?”:

“Global warming first became evident beyond the bounds of natural variability in the 1970s, but increases in global mean surface temperatures have stalled in the 2000s … An energy imbalance is manifested not just as surface atmospheric or ground warming but also as melting sea and land ice, and heating of the oceans. More than 90% of the heat goes into the oceans and, with melting land ice, causes sea level to rise … Global warming has not stopped; it is merely manifested in different ways.”


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